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Accounting Degrees: Types of Degrees, Salaries & Career Paths

bachelors degree in accounting salary

Generally, this is the most common, traditional graduate degree offered in accounting. Unlike the Master’s in Accounting, it’s not specifically designed for students that have studied accounting. A degree program like this one may be helpful for any successful undergraduate student looking to further their education and learn about accounting.

Yes, a finance degree or accounting degree is worth it for many students if you are interested in handling finances and managing money for clients and businesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting 5% job growth in business and financial occupations over the next 10 years. Common careers in this field include chief financial officer, accounting manager, financial analyst, and forensic accountant.

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It’s specifically designed for individuals that majored in accounting during their undergraduate experience. This would be the next academic step after successfully earning a Bachelor of Science in accounting. In a graduate program like this one, students can expect a much more in-depth look at accounting that does not stop at the foundational level.

bachelors degree in accounting salary

They are primarily tasked with performing accounting-related functions which can alert potential money laundering risks. For this reason, strong attention to detail is required, as are excellent communication skills. To become an Anti-Money Laundering Analyst, one should have at least a bachelor’s degree.

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At this point, aspiring accountants get to know more about business math, taxation, management, and legislation essential to the job. To become a Tax Accountant, one should have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Some education in law, as well as various certifications are also preferred by some employers.

  • While specific courses vary by program, you can expect to study math, business, finance, statistics, and legal and regulatory issues.
  • The growth drivers for these jobs are globalization, a flourishing economy, and increasingly complicated tax and regulatory requirements.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics , many accounting jobs will experience average or just above average growth in the period 2020 to 2030.
  • To become an Anti-Money Laundering Analyst, one should have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • At the other end of the scale, the average mean wage for accountants in North Dakota, was $64,260.

The only difference is, some of the coursework is focused on accounting and how to effectively monitor professional finances. The more expertise someone develops, the more they can demand as an accounting salary. Accountant job listings can help applicants see real accounting career information to help them formulate their accounting career path planning. Looking at the job offerings can also help applicants figure out if they want to pursue a future in public accounting vs corporate accounting. A bachelor’s degree in accounting can open doors, but applicants should really consider pursuing a degree that also helps them receive proper licensing to perform accounting work more broadly. This also applies to obtain accounting certifications to perform specialized accounting work.

Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc), Accounting Degree

Over the next 10 years, the sector will add 61,700 new jobs, which comes out to 4% growth. Even though the growth rate is slightly slower than that of finance jobs, the sheer number of jobs is greater, providing better opportunities for landing a job in the accounting field. Because the cost of living in most major cities in the United States is on the rise, students bachelors degree in accounting salary should do their due diligence regarding the income, job security, and job growth of their chosen jobs. One may have the edge over the other in terms of job security and average salary, however. See our ranking of the Top 30 Most Affordable Master’s in Finance Degrees Online. A bachelor’s degree in accounting may be either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts.

Is bachelor of accounting a degree?

The Bachelor of Accountancy, also known as Bachelor of Accounting, is the principal academic degree in accountancy in several countries, and is often the only (undergraduate) degree recognised for subsequent practice as a professional accountant; see First professional degree.

Even entry-level accounting jobs can start with a good salary and room for a lot of growth. An accounting career path can start with entry-level accounting jobs or even home-based jobs accounting. The accounting career can grow from home-based jobs accounting to an office and viable business. Entry-level accounting jobs can turn into senior-level positions. In truth, there’s no end to the number of accounting schools online opportunities for online bachelor’s degrees in accounting. Applicants will find dedicated online programs, universities with partial or full online degree options, and even online degree options that allow applicants to earn their degree at their own pace.

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